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My personal story

When I started in the design business 35 plus years ago I never dreamed I would be owning and operating a flower shop at USAFA. The business was familiar to me because I started out delivering flowers for the local florist in my home town as a teenager. I worked in the floral business for several years before going on to design school. After graduating I worked in commercial interiors, Parade of Homes and also worked with a company that imported distressed and antique furniture from Mexico. A new chapter started 10 years ago when I opened up Petals & Blooms at The Air Force Academy. It had been empty for almost a year and needing someone to bring life into its unoccupied space. Just the fact that I was now a part of United States Air Force Academy and its mission, quickly empowered me as I met new people, created floral arrangements for events and built back a viable business. I had started teaching floral design at Pueblo Community College and then at Colorado School for Deaf and Blind 10 years ago and have always believed that God levels the playing field and we all come to the table with many talents and gifts, regardless of the ability or disability. Observing the students and learning that blind, deaf and mentally challenged folks can arrange flowers just as good if not better that their peers gave me my mission today. It is simply this...To love and support my family, encourage those around me to the best they can be and keep looking for that gold ring that I know is right there in helping people with various disabilities (turned into blessing) to become self sufficient. There have been many set backs and obstacles along the way but I have learned the key to success is being open to all the possibilities around us, seeing good in all situations and that failure is in many ways progress. Drawing out the artist and determination in others is now my focus.


Petals and Blooms Flower Shop Air Force Academy Petals and Blooms Flower Shop Air Force Academy Petals and Blooms Flower Shop Air Force Academy